Bringing Medical Sales Recruiting into the 21st Century

The Medical Sales recruiting field is saturated with half-baked agencies. They all follow a similar format: (A) Get as many positions to work on as possible (B) Send as many candidates as possible by posting positions on job boards and forwarding resumes (C) Some of these, statistically, are going to get hired (D) make money and repeat.

Innovation and critical thinking in recruiting (and indeed, HR in general) is seriously lacking. In other fields the competition naturally creates a drive to innovate and pioneer. But for a variety of reasons, recruiting stays stagnate. It has changed very little over the last 40 years.

Here at Moonlight, we believe this typical process is a waste of time and is harmful to companies long-term and short-term. The process is inefficient, clumsy and returns only a handful of the possible qualified candidates that just so happened to apply for jobs on the career board that week. What about the thousands of other candidate who are not actively looking? The difference between the perfect candidate and a qualified candidate is vast. The employee will shape the company, why settle for "qualified"?

What sets Moonlight apart from other agencies is our ability to map the entire field and proactively headhunt. Our unrivaled advanced search analytic tools map the entire industry and career field to find every single professional in that specific market. From there, we surgically target the A+ candidates by proactively headhunting them. This enables us to find candidates, both passive and active, that no one else is able to find at an unmatched speed and efficiency.

We do not merely recruit- we pour our soul into headhunting the perfect new employee using unprecedented technology to find all professionals in that field and at that level.

 What sets Moonlight apart?

Unmatched Intelligence, Adaptability and Responsiveness. We create extensive metrics by researching the client company and all other companies in that field. By performing this research and creating analytics to understand the "field", we can identify the attributes and experience of the flawless candidate. We use advanced technologies to see every possible candidate, not just the low-hanging fruit and the "technically qualified".

We create new workflows from scratch for each client. We identify the exact companies and titles that would be flawless for the position, and we proactively headhunt for these candidates. Using an arsenal of recruiting tactics and proprietary data analytics, we find every possible active and passive candidate.

Want to see the metrics we are operating off of? Just ask! We develop analysis reports specific to the client and position in order to intelligently select the perfect profile

Flexible and Scalable

We can handle one position to 100. No number of positions is to few or to large. We can be on standby for occasional positions or be a daily part of your Talent Acquisition plan. Within a few days, we provide the client with metrics on the position, a detailed recruiting strategy and initial candidates who are educated on the position and waiting for a call. We prep candidates for the interviews and help with the process start to finish. Even when not actively working on a position, we constantly build databases, capabilities and networks in order to always be improving our turnaround time when requirements do open up.

 The Best of both Worlds

As a small boutique agency, we have the best independent recruiters have to offer: flexibility, adaptability, responsiveness and personal attention, yet also the best the largest firms out there have to offer: powerful data analytics, cutting-edge metrics, massive living databases and expert recruiters on hand 24/7 to rapidly provide results. As a smaller agency, we give each client the personal attention and responsiveness they deserve. It will feel as if you are using an independent recruiter with the clout and resources of the largest agencies out there.

Why only medical sales?

While our analytics and workflows can be applied to any position in any field, we believe that we need to understand the data. All of our recruiters understand the medical field well, and this understanding is critical in innovation. The medical sales fields change every day, and we need to have the depth of understanding necessary to innovate. We believe this can only be achieved by focusing on one field!

 Lowest Fees Guaranteed:

Because we are very, very good at what we do, we do not need absurdly high fees. We negotiate the fee based on the company’s need. We have never been to expensive for a company to hire!

No Risk:

We work completely contingency so there is no risk to bring us on board. And we don't mind working on positions that other external recruiters are also working on. Our analytics will find candidates that are no on anyone's radar. If we do not blow you out of the water, cancel our services at any time, for any reason. No questions asked.

 Send us a note today! We would love to hear how our services can help with your hiring needs.

Breanna Hill