Talent Acquisition in the Diagnostic Sales Field

Business Development in the diagnostic field is an exciting domain to work in. The nature of the field is constantly changing, however, as new players enter and old players change. With a myriad of start ups challenging the giants, the fight for talent is as fierce as ever. As the landscape changes, the need for visibility into the competition increases. For Sales Directors finding and retaining talent is of paramount importance to maintain a competitive edge.

This is where we come in.

Moonlight Strategic Search is a boutique agency headhunting exclusively in the medical sales field and specializing in diagnostics- everything from imaging to rare disease. What sets us apart from other agencies is our advanced data-driven analytics and personal attention to each position. We develop a custom, innovative recruiting plan from scratch for every company and position to add short and long-term value.

Our proprietary search capabilities map the entire career field in order to find every single professional in that specific market and level. From there, we surgically target the blue-chip candidates by proactively headhunting them. This enables us to find candidates, both passive and active, that no one else is able to find at an unmatched speed and efficiency. There is a difference between finding talent and finding all of the talent.

We take great pride in our client focused, innovative and ethical approach to recruitment. We surgically target candidates (pun fully intended) to find the perfect person at the exact moment they are needed. 

Our mission is to come alongside our clients in recruiting the right people at the right time. We utilize advanced metrics to identify the candidates who will prove to be long-term assets to the company. We dig deep into the client company's' hiring history and the industry to find the candidate who will be in it for the long-haul. Recruitment is only half the challenge - retention is arguably more important- and we do most of our work on the front end to deliver the client stable candidates who will stay and thrive at the company for years to come.

Because of our flexibility and reactivity, we are equally responsive for large expansions or just an occasional opening, making us the perfect partner for small and medium companies. We are flexible, transparent and highly responsive in our searches. We have all the positive attributes of an independent recruiter- the responsiveness, adaptability and personal attention- but with the resources and clout of a large agency.

Have a medical sales recruiting need this year? Send me a note at Logan.Degas@MoonlightStrategicSearch.com and let's talk!