Why Contingency Recruiting?

We believe one of the reasons that recruiting has such a bad rap is because there is no accountability and no reason for most recruiters to be innovating and hard-working. With a standard RPO agreement, there is little incentive for recruiters to evolve, improve and adapt to the client's need. It's always been cheaper to spam people, submit a slew of hit-and-miss resumes and collect a paycheck. Every week we hear Directors complain about how poorly their recruiters are performing, but that they are locked into an agreement and can't use anyone else. 

The client-recruiter relationship has been heavily slated to benefiting the recruiter and leaving the client in the lurch. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) agreements define, as best they can, the expectations that the client has of the agency. But many of the factors- such as resume quality- are very subjective and hard to define. This gives recruiting companies "wiggle room" to cut edges. Full-Scale ROP, On-Demand RPO's, Staff Augmentation and Retained Search Firms all require payment before candidates are even hired. These four categories make up the bulk of the recruiting world, and are driving the negative view people have of recruiters. 

We are an entirely different breed: an Executive Contingency Search Firm. Which means we present zero risk to the client and focus on high-end positions (hence "executive"). This presents the greatest risk to us, because we could spend large amounts of money and time with no reward at all. But we are passionate about Talent Acquisition, not just out for a quick buck, so this is how we like to operate. This environment forces us to evolve, learn, adapt and get better at recruiting. And you can see the fruit of this structure as we have developed tools and capabilities that no other agency in the world has. We are small, but mighty. 

This is why we work exclusively on contingency contracts. We set a fee (either flat or percentage based) on candidates so we are never paid for merely submitting resumes. We only get paid if we find exactly the right candidate, prep them correctly, and they get hired. We always write in a 30-day guarantee as well, so there is even extra incentive to thoroughly vet the candidates. We have every incentive to out-perform every other agency, only send you exactly what you need and go above-and-beyond to do exceptional work. We only get paid if we are exceptional, not if we are average. This is what sets us apart.

Tim Newcomb