Data Services: FAQ


Why does it take up to two weeks?

Part of the process interfaces with LinkedIn directly in order to validate their latest location. LinkedIn is constantly shifting their site architecture and security algorithms, so it can take our systems offline until we manually re-code it. Our team has to re-write parts of the program by hand when LinkedIn changes, hence the two week turnaround time. We always try to get the files done as quickly as possible, usually under four days, but we give ourselves two weeks just to give us the time if LinkedIn shifts, which happens a couple times a month. Unfortunately, there is no way we can guarantee an earlier finish time. But we do our best to get it done within a couple days.


What format are the locations in?

Exactly letter-for-letter as the individual lists their location on LinkedIn. Sometimes this might be "Dayton, Ohio" or just a city such as "Geneva". It depends on how their profile lists displays it. We can manually break out the locations into city, state and country into deparate coulmns for no extra cost.


Is my data safe?

We do nothing with the file except add the location. After we send the file back to you and everything looks good to you, we delete the file on our end. If sending the email column makes you uncomfortable, keep in mind we do not need their email to validate their location- only First, Last, Title and Company. If you want you can simply sort the file on the first name and then save the column on your computer and delete it from the file you send us. We will add in a location column, and when you receive the completed file from us, you can simply sort on the first name and copy and paste the emails in again. This way, you are only sending us publicly available data. 


Why are 90% of contacts filled in, not 100%?

We strive to fill in and validate 100% of the contacts, and sometimes are able to, but there are a few factors which can limit us. Foreign profiles are difficult to validate because characters in other languages (Thai, Russian, Chinese etc) are not translated by Excel very well, and are not searchable. Some profiles hide their location, even from 1st connections, and some profiles will have changed their job or company between the time you export your connections and we start working on them. We don't want to fill in guesses, so we leave any profiles we can't 100% validate blank so your data is completely accurate. 


Who would benefit from this service?

While we originally designed this ability for us and initially just opened it up to other recruiters we work with, this service benefits anyone who wants transparency into their networks, from CEOs to junior marketer. This "work around" is the first of it's kind and is helping professionals across the world leverage their LinkedIn networks. 


Can you use other data files, such as Facebook contacts or CRM data?

Not with the same accuracy. Our system only validates locations via LinkedIn, so we cannot confirm the locations of people who are not on LinkedIn. So we only accept exported LinkedIn contact files.


What if I change my mind while you are working on the file?

No worries. We send a truncated version of the file first to show you exactly which locations we validated so you can see it and spot check it for accuracy before payment. If it’s not what you were looking for, no worries! We will not send the full-functionality Excel file and no payment is due. If it is what you were hoping for, just Paypal us the balance we agreed on and we will reply with the data in whatever format you desire. All data is sent in the latest Excel format for easy upload into a database or CRM system.