New Marketing Approach for a New Year: A New 2018 LinkedIn Hack

Marketing is founded on accurate, real-time data. There is no database that is actively updating itself on earth like LinkedIn. The vast LinkedIn network is made up of real-time data of millions of professionals in every field across the globe. LinkedIn makes their money by limiting access to this network, and even if you buy a LinkedIn subscription, you still cannot see the entire network. LinkedIn leverages many limitations on it's users, but the most crippling is keeping location data on 1st connections hidden. For marketers, recruiters, sales professionals and many other professions, this limitation hinders the use of their personal LinkedIn network they've worked so hard to build over the course of years, sometimes decades. 

Last year in 2017, Moonlight Strategic Search made a propriety software they developed for internal use public. With hundreds of happy customers, this data service is changing marketing, recruiting, business development and other fields by putting teeth on the most powerful database in the world: LinkedIn. This system takes anyone's exported LinkedIn contacts list and adds a validated Location column. You could spend thousands of hours manually going through your connections adding them one at a time, but this turn-key solution will do it for you. 


This process turns a useless list of contacts into the ultimate marketing tool overnight: 

-Instant access to your entire LinkedIn network 

-The ability to sort contacts by location and add them into your HR or CRM system 

-Enables a complete, functional database 

-Provides full transparency into your network, unlocking new insights on the geography of your contacts for sales, marketing or business analysis 


Tim Newcomb