True Headhunters

We actively search out the best candidates wherever they are - and we aren't afraid to target the competitors. We map the field and find every A+ candidate, not just the "technically qualified"

Boutique, intelligent and lean

As a smaller agency, we give each client the personal attention and responsiveness they deserve. It will feel as if you are using an independent recruiter with the clout and resources of the largest agencies out there.

start interviewing in 5 days

We will start up the search within 24 hours guaranteed. Because our living databases and high powered search abilities enable a quick turnaround time, we will have interview-ready candidates within a week. 

No-Risk Contingency

As a contingency search group, the client is never invoiced until the candidate is hired. There are no upfront fees of any kind. We offer a 30 day replacement/ refund guarantee. There is never any risk to work with us!


Scalable & Flexible

We can handle one position to 100. No number of positions is to few or to large. We can be on standby for occasional positions or be a daily part of your Talent Acquisition plan.



Want to see the metrics we are operating off of? Just ask! We develop analysis reports specific to the client and position in order to intelligently select the perfect profile.

One Dedicated point of contact

While we may have a whole team of recruiters supporting you, you will only interact with one recruiter who will be the point of contact. They will be responsive and know everything that is going on.

Flexible Fees

We will work with you to put together a fee schedule that works for you. Every company is different and so we work with each client to find an arrangement that works for every party involved.