Analytics: Map the Field

We create extensive metrics by researching the client company and all other companies in that field. By performing this research and creating analytics to understand the "field", we can identify the attributes and experience of the flawless candidate. We use advanced technologies to see every possible candidate, not just the low-hanging fruit and the "technically qualified".


Intelligent Targeting

We create new workflows from scratch for each client. We identify the exact companies and titles that would be flawless for the position, and we proactively headhunt for these candidates. Using an arsenal of recruiting tactics and proprietary data analytics, we find every possible active and passive candidate.


Personal Screening

Beyond the resume experience, we screen and do a background check on each candidate. This ensures the candidate is a perfect match in regards to personal ambitions, current personal situation and long-term goals. Each candidate will fit into the company culture seamlessly. We give support and advice to all candidates through the process.


Delivering turn-key candidates

Within a few days, we provide the client with metrics on the position, a detailed recruiting strategy and initial candidates who are educated on the position and waiting for a call. We prep candidates for the interviews and help with the process start to finish. Even when not actively working on a position, we constantly build databases, capabilities and networks in order to always be improving our turnaround time when requirements do open up.